CASE STUDY’s Brand Transformation with BrandingExperts, a leading online academic assistance platform, sought to enhance its brand visibility and authority in a competitive market. Facing challenges in standing out and reaching a broader audience, BBQPapers partnered with BrandingExperts to leverage their PR solution services.

Their pain point

BBQPapers faced the common challenge of establishing credibility and recognition in a saturated online academic assistance industry. The brand aimed to overcome the hurdles of competition, gain trust, and reach a wider audience of students seeking academic support.


How we helped the brand

BrandingExperts devised a strategic PR solution for BBQPapers, focusing on high-authority placements to boost the brand’s credibility. The featured articles on reputable platforms such as Yahoo Finance, Mercury News, Tampa Bay, and European Business Review showcased BBQPapers as a trustworthy and reliable academic service provider.


Enhanced Brand Authority: The strategic placements positioned BBQPapers as an authority in the academic assistance domain.

Increased Visibility: The brand gained visibility on reputable platforms, reaching a broader audience.

Improved Search Rankings: Ahref data indicated a significant boost in BBQPapers’ search engine rankings, increasing organic traffic.

Positive Brand Perception: The association with reputable sites enhanced the brand’s image, fostering trust among users.

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