WonderFeel: A Case Study in Branding Excellence

WonderFeel, a trailblazer in anti-aging solutions, embarked on a transformative journey with BrandingExperts to elevate its brand presence. This case study delves into the challenges, strategies, and remarkable outcomes achieved through strategic PR solutions.

Their pain point

Before joining forces with BrandingExperts, WonderFeel faced the challenge of effectively communicating its revolutionary Youngr™ NMN formula to a broader audience. The intricacies of cellular health and the science behind their product needed a platform that resonated with both scientific communities and the general public.


How we helped the brand

BrandingExperts recognized the need to position WonderFeel as a thought leader in the anti-aging space. Leveraging high authority websites, the team curated a series of impactful articles, such as those featured on Acast, Mercury News, Muscle and Fitness, SetForSet, Prime Women, and Longevity Technology. Each article strategically highlighted WonderFeel’s groundbreaking Youngr™ NMN formula and its impact on cellular rejuvenation.


Enhanced Brand Authority: The strategic placement of WonderFeel’s content on authoritative platforms solidified its position as an industry leader. Ahref metrics show a substantial increase in backlinks, boosting WonderFeel’s credibility in the anti-aging supplement domain.

Search Engine Dominance: WonderFeel’s visibility on high-traffic platforms significantly improved its search engine ranking. Ahref data reflects a notable uptrend in organic keywords, placing WonderFeel at the forefront of online searches in the anti-aging and NMN supplement categories.

Increased Web Traffic: The curated articles garnered widespread attention, resulting in a surge in organic traffic to WonderFeel’s website. This uptick in engagement is evidenced by the rise in click-through rates and prolonged user sessions.

Positive Brand Perception: WonderFeel’s association with reputable platforms positively influenced brand perception. User comments, social media mentions, and online reviews indicate a heightened interest and positive sentiment towards WonderFeel and its Youngr™ NMN formula.

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