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Transforming HugeSupplements with BrandingExperts

In the fiercely competitive landscape of the bodybuilding supplement industry, HugeSupplements sought to elevate its brand presence and digital footprint. Faced with the challenge of standing out in a crowded market, they turned to BrandingExperts for a comprehensive Public Relations (PR) solution.

Their pain point

HugeSupplements, despite offering high-quality products, struggled to break through the noise and establish a distinctive online identity. The challenge lay in creating a brand image that not only reflected the efficacy of their supplements but also resonated with their target audience. They recognized the need for a strategic approach to enhance brand authority, reach a wider audience, and improve search engine rankings.


How we helped the brand

BrandingExperts devised a tailored PR strategy for HugeSupplements, focusing on securing placements on high-authority websites in the health and fitness niche. Through a series of meticulously crafted articles, HugeSupplements was featured on renowned platforms such as Jacked Gorilla, Sports Illustrated, Muscle and Fitness, and Medical News Today.

These articles covered a range of topics, from workout routines and protein powders to emerging trends like turkesterone and the importance of post-cycle therapy. The content was not only informative but strategically designed to position HugeSupplements as an industry thought leader.


Enhanced Brand Authority: HugeSupplements experienced a substantial boost in brand authority, becoming a recognized name in the bodybuilding supplement sector. The association with reputable platforms solidified their credibility.

Improved Search Engine Rankings: Ahrefs analysis post-PR campaign indicated a significant upward trajectory in HugeSupplements’ search engine rankings. The strategic placement of backlinks in authoritative articles contributed to improved organic visibility.

Increased Brand Visibility: The brand’s visibility soared across various online platforms, attracting a broader audience. The carefully curated content not only showcased their product range but also communicated the brand’s ethos and commitment to excellence.

Positive Audience Perception: Customer feedback and engagement demonstrated a positive shift in how the audience perceived HugeSupplements. The strategic content placements contributed to an enhanced brand image and increased trust among consumers.

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