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10 Proven Strategies to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Website

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Websites are a goldmine for leads and conversions alike. Have you been seeking great website traffic, but have been stuck at the same level for a long time now? Well, that’s pretty common for a lot of websites. According to Forbes, there were 1.13 billion websites active in February 2023, out of which 82% have been removed, leaving us with around 200 million websites that we can see today. This statistical tidbit clearly shows us that driving more traffic to your website is of utmost importance to keep up in the competitive web world. 

Knowing the correct path that seems ethical in the eyes of modern search engines can be difficult. Several factors need to be taken into consideration like your website’s content, the page experience that it provides, and a zillion other factors! However, we have narrowed down strategies that can help boost website traffic organically. Our focus with this article will be to provide 10 comprehensive and fool-proof strategies that can take your website traffic to the stratosphere. Using a blend of the below-mentioned strategies as per your specific needs is highly recommended. So without further ado, let’s see what’s on the plate!

Back To Basics: Strategies To Grow Steady!

Creating a website has been increasingly easy, however, maintaining and scaling your website can be a task that requires dedication and proper technique. The strategies we are going to discuss in this section can be the most relevant to you if you’re just starting on your website journey. 

Strategy #1: 

Get, Set, SEO!

Search engine optimization is a basic yet powerful method of increasing website traffic. If you have heard experts speak about it, it might seem like a very intricate technique that involves a lot of knowledge. Well, that’s true, but let us give you a simpler picture of how SEO works.

SEO techniques, when employed properly, make your website pages rank at the top of search engine results. When people search related queries within your niche, your website should pop up on the first page of the search results, exponentially increasing your website traffic. As you see, about 32.5% of the traffic that comes from any specific query is directed to the first search result, so securing a spot on top is a crucial task. SEO techniques allow you to convey the value of your webpage to search engines, so they rank you better on their results page. Sounds like a great plan? Let us show you what are the kinds of SEO that you need to master, to make your website a true search result marvel.

On-Page SEO

While creating web pages, adding certain elements would allow search engines to understand the purpose of your page better so it can show it to the relevant audiences. This is a quick way to alert search engines that your page can help people solve the problem that has been puzzling to them. Isn’t that putting the internet to the best use?

On-page SEO can be done through a mixture of keywords, highlighting, and the usage of the right kind of headers! Also, adding meta information to your webpage can be vital for it to rank well on search engines.

Off-Page SEO

Off the page, you can employ certain SEO techniques to further solidify your website’s authority to search engines. An overall approach to a website’s SEO game is highly recommended for you to achieve the exact results that you’ve been looking for.  Off-page SEO techniques include building links, social media marketing, brand mentions, or any sort of external ways that can help you pop up on the search results of your target audience.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO aspects of your website can be handled by the development end of your website. There are aspects that can be adjusted from the backend to give your website visitors a better experience while roaming through your website. Several factors like the loading speed of your website, the optimization of your site structure, mobile friendliness, specified page crawls, etc. can elevate your page’s ranking since it makes the page easier for your visitors to scan through. Google aims to provide a smooth experience to people and hence it promotes the websites that are user-friendly and help people with useful and valuable content.

This takes us to our next strategy!

Strategy #2:

As the Wise Men Say – “Content Is King!”

Regardless of your page’s optimization, the primary factor that can drive website traffic immensely for your brand is the content that you have on it. Unique and fun-to-read content always attracts more attention. However, boring and lengthy content pieces can cause your audience to bounce off your page. To keep a low bounce rate, align the content on your page according to the purpose that your page is supposed to serve. 

Best content practices that can help your page rank better on Google can be found here. Google suggests creating helpful and unique content which comes from the understanding that has been garnered by an individual. This makes the internet a more reliable resource for facts and solid information. Such type of content is promoted and ranked by Google, driving traffic through a magnet of value. Google’s purpose-driven approach towards their policies gives you a better opportunity to provide value and apt information to your audiences. This is a key component while dealing with user psychology, if the content on a page seems interesting, then people will stick through the end of the content, bringing in better chances at conversions. 

How to Keep Your Content Top-Notch?

Writing or curating content for websites is a tricky business, if you don’t know what you need to be doing! Sometimes you need to know the rules to something, in order to break free from them smartly. Content that sells, converts, and engages people on the internet has a few similar characteristics that we have enlisted below. 

  1. Simplicity is Key: Without a doubt, the common thing about all well-performing content on the internet is its simplicity. When it comes to choosing words, phrases, and sentence structures, the most readable ones have been known to win hearts. This is the primary reason to always keep your language simple while writing from any webpage or blog. 
  2. Choice of Sections: Segmenting the piece of content smartly is an important part of creating mesmerizing content pieces. Your headers and subheaders should clearly specify what the section is about to talk about. This way a person can easily scan through the whole document and reach the piece of information that they wish to use. 
  3. Use of Relevant Vocabulary: You need to keep in mind the kind of audience that you are writing for. Your selected bandwidth of vocabulary should be relevant to your target audience or else they might not relate to it in the intended way. For example, when writing for a real estate company that has been around for 50 years, choosing a more professional and conservative set of words can resonate better with its target audience. Using millennial, social media-like language can cause their target audience to divert from the page, resulting in decreasing levels of website traffic. 
  4. Adding Your Personality To Your Content: Every piece of content crafted by you has its own signature style of conveying a message. Anyone can write well, but everyone does not turn out to be a writer. That is because people like to read new flavors of writing. Add your creativity and tone to the content to make it look unique and fresh. Readers like to read something nice, even while looking for a critical piece of information. 
  5. Serve the Purpose: The content for any specific page is different from another only because of its purpose. If you are writing for your landing page, your focus should be on promoting the uniqueness and value that your product adds to your customer’s life. Whereas, if you are taking on a venture to write the ‘About Us’ section of a brand, that would involve an intricate form of storytelling. Understand what kind of content would benefit the purpose of the page and you’re already halfway there to the best piece of content. 

Content Tips To Drive More Website Traffic

In the pursuit of creating compelling content, it is imperative to keep in mind that the final motive for it is to increase website traffic. Listed below are a few on-point tips that can help you deliver the best content that draws in massive traffic. 

  • Engage Through Meta Info: The meta title and description are probably the first things that your website visitor would see about your site. Hence, it is important to convey the value you provide through the meta title and description efficiently. When you implement this strategy properly, people looking through a host of similar websites can choose your website easily since they are getting what they are looking for just by reading the title and description of the website. This is a powerful tip that can really change your website’s performance considerably. 
  • Captivating Intro: An Undoubted Necessity: It is said that most people decide whether or not to read your content just by reading the beginning of it. Hence, knowing this can be the pivotal information for you to succeed in writing mesmerizing content. Ensure that you hook the reader from the very beginning of your content, especially when writing long-form content like blogs or articles. Use shock statements, facts, figures, or a powerful message to impactfully affect your target audience.  
  • Bonus Value: Give your audience something ‘extra’! Providing free templates, ebooks, manuals and guides that can help your target audience will surely increase your website’s traffic just through word of mouth. Use lead magnets in strategically placed places to grab your audience’s attention quickly and provide them with a valuable resource that can help them. Your website traffic will slide to the positive end. 
  • CTA Magic: Having proper ‘call-to-action’ is a very significant tip that should not be ignored. CTA’s help your content serve its purpose in a more direct way, assisting you to lead your customer straight to conversions. Also, pages with interesting CTAs give your customer a sense of suave, leaving an impression on their minds. You might also be their next recommendation to your next best client.
  • Avoid Industry Jargons: You might be a dweller in your industry but it is highly possible that all your clients might not have in-depth knowledge about what you do. Using jargon that cannot be understood will narrow down your customer segment, hence it is highly recommended to use simple language that can be understood by people even from outside your niche.

Strategy #3:

Pulling On The Social Lever!

Social Media is a powerful tool to draw traffic to your website. Social media can yield incredible results when used properly. You can simply ask your followers every now and then to visit your website. 

But, it gets more interesting than that! Social media can be used to specifically channel your target audience to the particular webpage that you want to lead your prospects too. For example, if you have a landing page that you are running an offer from, social media will allow you to advertise this offer and lead your interested customers to your landing page, instead of taking them through your whole website. This alleviates the user’s experience and increases your traffic gradually. 

Social Media Techniques To Boost Website Traffic

Here are a few quick techniques that can help you boost your website traffic through social media platforms. 

  • Enchanting Visuals: On social media, “all that glitters, might as well be called gold”. Hence, crafting mind-blowing visuals is imperative to your social media engagement. By having great visuals you can channelize your audience through simple social media posts and stories. 
  • Targeted Ads: This is the sureshot method of driving more website traffic through social media. You can run targeted ads that lead straight to your website upon being clicked. This helps the customer navigate easily to your offer page, assisting them to make a decision quickly. 
  • Hashtag Strategy: Hashtags are like tags that allow social media to understand your target audience. Adding proper hashtags can allow you to position your post in front of more relevant audiences, increasing your website traffic and also conversions. 

Strategy #4:

Earning Reputation – Backlink Building

Backlinks are essentially references from other websites that solidify your content’s authoritativeness. When other blog articles mention your blog as a source for information, it positions your content as expert content in the niche. Backlinks have always been an important factor that Google considers before giving a ranking spot. If your content is good enough, people will want to cite your article as a bedstone for information pertaining to the same niche. 

Getting quality backlinks can be a task that requires persistence. Your content should be of sublime quality, and it should be uniquely informative. People who read your article should find value, which cannot be found anywhere else. That is the making of a well-curated content in any specific niche that is coming from an expert. 

How Do Backlinks Increase Your Website Traffic?

Backlinks are germane to developing a good site reputation, which means, having a better backlink strategy can help you get noticed by your target audience more. Here are some ways backlinks increase website traffic. 

  • Referred Traffic: The first and basic way that backlinks increase your traffic is by drawing traffic from other websites where your page link is attached. Readers can find your backlink within the content which leads them to a host of other information. To attain such information, users have to visit your website, in turn driving up your website traffic. 
  • Improved Rankings: Websites or web pages that have more backlinks are often ranked better by Google’s ranking algorithm. A better position in search results can reciprocate directly into increased traffic from having a better backlink profile. 
  • Site Reputation: When a lot of websites, or articles cite your information as their source, it entices the thought that the person who has curated the article must be an expert on the topic. Google likes to rank content which comes straight from experts, providing reliable information at every turn. 

Advanced Techniques To Boost Your Website Traffic

Now that we have provided the basic ways to increase your website traffic, let us dive into some advanced, technical pathways that can exponentially increase visitors on your website. Bear in mind that these techniques have been curated after much research and their main purpose is to boost website traffic. You can use a combination of the techniques below if you want to know how to get more website visitors

These techniques might involve using a lot of different domains of business functions, however, the results that they bring are all the same – greater website traffic and genuine visitors to your website. Let’s have a look!

Strategy #5:

Chasing Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are search queries which have more than 2-3 words. The reason why these keywords are important is because these keywords have a search intention that is more aligned with your needs. For example, a person who is searching “Apple iPhone” is less likely to be a customer than a person who is searching “where to buy an Apple iPhone?”. This is what ‘Long tail keyword integration’ means, adding or incorporating these long keywords so that it can match directly with specific queries placed by users. This strategy can be easily executed if you have a proper understanding of your target audience and the channels that they use to network. Once your research is in place, add keywords which match your user’s search intention, which will automatically draw more genuine visitors to your website. You can learn more about long tail keywords to optimize your website traffic according to the kind of search intention your target audience has. You can even use long tail keywords tactfully, to segment your target audience based on the phase of their customer journey. 

Strategy #6:

Chasing Long Tail Keywords

It’s Time to Answer The Public

Answer the Public is nothing short of a magical tool for website developers and marketers since it allows you to know what your target audience is searching on the internet. Knowing the exact question that your target audience has in mind will allow you to answer it promptly through your website content. When you do so, your website’s content becomes an answer to that specific query, showing up every time search the internet for the same. Using this technique can help you deeply establish the authority you have over your niche, answering the exact problem that is being faced by people in your domain. You can even use this technique to up your SEO game since you can understand the keywords that people are using to search for your product. 

Answer the Public also provides you with content ideas which are most likely to be searched by your target audience. Creating content from such references can be a great way to generate content based on your reader’s needs. Keeping up with such a practice will also make you an expert in the specific field that you have been talking about. We recommend using ‘Answer The Public’ in the most creative ways possible!

Using this specific platform, “Answer The Public” can boost up your rankings resulting in boosted website traffic. If you plan on bringing people to your website more, try talking about the solutions that you can offer to their problems. 

Strategy #7:

Optimise For Voice Search

As technology moves along the chronological grid, we have created systems that have simplified the usage of search engines. One such system is “Voice Search”. Voice search allows you to command the search engine via voice to provide you with data about your search query. Instead of manually writing every search query down, you can simply speak it out. Voice search and virtual assistants are the future of search engines. In this tip, we recommend optimizing your website for voice search to keep up with the building pace. Adding clear phrases and simple keywords can often help you rank better on voice results since voice search generally encompasses a cruder form of search query which is often partially captured. 

Thus, optimising your website’s Google search results for voice will allow you to reach out to the people who are using assistant devices or just simply like using their voice search option. As search engines are developing, the voice search function has also seen severe improvement, hence optimizing your search results for the same can be imperative. 

Strategy #8:

Creating The Master File

We generally like to take the help of an expert while outsourcing or delegating a specific task. Similarly, there might be several helpful resources on the internet that can help your target audience, but if you create the ultimate resource that can be helpful to all categories of your target audience, it will make you a master in the domain and increase website traffic through referrals. This is a stellar strategy and if you have something really helpful for your target audience, attaining boosted levels of website traffic will become quite easy. Create an ultimate collection of templates, workflows, free tools, etc., and allow your target audience to benefit from it. They will spread the efficacy of your resource through word of mouth and automatically promote your website traffic. 

Basically, we recommend crafting a comprehensive resource that gets placed on your website as a lead magnet, collecting leads, and pulling in more website viewers. The best part of this trick is that it can be done just once and its benefits will keep on following. We suggest using this strategy particularly if you are planning on expanding your coaching, e-commerce, utilities, and services business by increasing website traffic. 

Secret Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Now comes the finale! In this section, we have brought a couple of ‘pro-tips’ that can help you build up your website traffic without fail. These techniques are only possible because of recent advances in the marketing industry and using them right now can surely bring you unparalleled results. Read on for the best tips to boost website traffic. 

Strategy #9:

Someone To Influence Your Audience

An unfailing technique that is booming in the digital marketing industry is ‘Influencer Marketing’. Just like any form of marketing, influencer marketing can be used to boost your website’s traffic as well. Let us tell you how! 

It is a rather simple process, you just need to arrange a suitable collaboration with an influencer in your niche. Then just create content that resonates with your target audience and et voila. A wave of website traffic is coming your way! Let us tell you some of its advantages. 

  • Firstly, you get access to genuine followers and leads in your market segment without much effort. Since your influencer will automatically draw in people from your domain, you will not need to filter your leads that come from social media. 
  • Secondly, influencers have active engagements on their social handles. This is a direct line of communication to your customer! You can get to know about customer grievances, needs, and requirements from interactions with your target audience. 

Influencer marketing has become huge, with millions of dollars being spent on endorsements. We suggest using this untapped resource for driving website traffic since it is an easy and flexible system that can be modified to yield specific results. 

Strategy #10:

  • Contests & Giveaways – Excite Your Audience!

    Everyone enjoys a nice contest, especially winning it! Contests and giveaways are proven strategies to increase user engagement, and thus, we suggest using an occasional contest that redirects your audience to your website. This is definitely the subtest way to increase website traffic. Crafting a giveaway scheme or plan based on recent offers or occasions can bring in heavy traction which is fruitful. 

    A great example of a contest marketing campaign was done by ‘GoPro’. The GoPro Awards is a global event for people pertaining to the videography domain where contestants can submit their entries to be elected as the best. The campaign has actively garnered more users and buyers because of its worldwide presence and persona. You can learn more about their campaign and innovative marketing campaigns here

    Wrapping Up The Secrets To Boosting Website Traffic

    As the article unfolds, you might have understood another aspect or medium of growing your website traffic. Using a mix of these techniques can help you boost your website traffic and engagement to your desired level. We also suggest tailoring these strategies as per your business needs to get optimal results. Raking up your website traffic might seem difficult, but using this guide in the right way can help you integrate a plan to reach the level of website traffic that you desire. 

    Building a website that has good traffic and optimal performance is a task that needs daily care. You need to nurture every aspect including your webpage, the content on it and the ways that the content is supposed to reach your target audience. Being a complex process, our aim with this article was to simplify bringing website visitors to your doorstep. We believe these points and strategies can be the building stones of your next successful website venture

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